We study engineering design principles for machines that learn and interact with human beings. Focused research topics include
  • (1) methods for identifying worst-case risks (e.g., corner cases in self-driving and adversarial attacks against learning machines such as neural networks),
  • (2) theories for enabling competence awareness of intelligent systems (e.g., risk certification of self-driving cars during interactions with human beings),
  • and (3) new educational tools to prepare future engineers and designers with knowledge to conduct risk specifications and design for intelligent engineering products.
Challenges lie across disciplines including system engineering, machine learning, optimization, optimal control, and game theory. Real-world values of our research include socially adept human-robot interactions, accelerated computational material discovery, and robust machine learning.

Yi Ren,
Associate Professor

Mukesh Ghimire,
MAE PhD w/ Zhe Xu

Sheng Cheng,
CS PhD w/ Yezhou Yang

Lei Zhang,

Changhoon Kim,
CS PhD w/ Yezhou Yang

Guangyu Nie,

Harsha Lakamsani,
CS Undergrad
Alumni - Job, Major (Year of graduation):

Tanner Merry,
US Navy, MAE Undergrad (2021)

John Daly,
NASA, MAE Undergrad (2021)

Pei-En Chen,
_, MAE PhD w/ Yang Jiao (2021)

Yi Chen,
Aptiv, Robotics Master's (2021)

Benjamin Danek,
_, CS Undergrad (2020)

Hope Yao,
Google, MAE PhD (2019)

Paul Butler,
_, CS Undergrad (2019)

Cody McMahon,
_, MAE Undergrad (2019)

Ruijin Cang,
Google, MAE PhD (2018)

Malcolm Regan,
_, EE Bachelor (2018)

Xianfan Gu,
_, EE Bachelor (2018)

Steven Elliott,
Northrop Grumman, MAE Master's (2018)

Saurabh Animesh,
Microsoft, EE Master's (2018)

Michael King,
_, MAE Bachelor (2018)

Andrew Leaton,
_, MAE Bachelor (2018)

Nathan Cahill,
Orbital ATK, MAE PhD w/ Tom Sugar (2017)

Aditya Vipradas,
_, MAE Master's (2017)

Adithya Venugopal,
_, MAE Master (2017)

Thurston Sexton,
NIST, MAE Master's (2016)

Paul Stobinske,
Northrop Grumman, MAE Bachelor (2016)

Fabian Gadau,
_, MAE Bachelor (2015)

Wenlong Shi,
ASU PhD, Robotics Master's (2022)

Travis Zhang,
CS Undergrad, Cornell, Hamilton High (2021)

Siddharth Das,
_, Robotics Master's (2021)

Richard Cheng,
Math undergrad, Univ. of Waterloo, Hamilton High (2022)

Charles Klafter,
MAE Undergrad